World’s First Artificial Intelligence Personal Robot Developed By Robotbase


Story by Anthony Cuthbertson

An artificial intelligence robot capable of acting as a personal assistant, stylist, security guard, photographer and telepresence has been shown off at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

The Personal Robot, developed by New York-based startup Robotbase, is described by its creators as a “revolutionary product that changes everything”.

The robot works in conjunction with connected devices like the smart thermostat Google Nest, as well as apps including Facebook, Twitter and Amazon.

By integrating such apps the AI robot claims to be able to “buy you dinners and automatically track your calories”, “call you a cab as soon as you leave the office” and “take a picture immediately when you pose.”

“Not only can the robot understand what I say, it can actually see things around it in the same way that we humans do,” said Robotbase CEO Duy Huynh at a demonstration of the technology. “It recognises faces, it recognises objects around the house in order to navigate by itself.

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