ZiipRoom Announces Distribution Agreements with Leading Channel Partners; Continues Onboarding Resellers to Serve North American Enterprise Market

Company Creates Channel to Market to Drive Adoption by Enterprise Customers in North America

November 6, 2018, Burlington, MA – ZiipRoom, the company focused on delivering simplicity to the huddle room, today announced strategic distribution agreements with Starin and Fontel, Inc., two established distribution partners that will help drive broader adoption of their software by enterprise customers across North America.

ZiipRoom has developed the industry’s only software for huddle rooms that was built from the ground up to connect people and technology to make every meeting experience consistent, simple, productive and free from vendor lock-in.

With patented intelligence, ZiipRoom simply connects users via a cloud-smart app that recognizes them and detects when they enter a room, knows their multiple calendars and UC platforms, and automatically provides one-click options to initiate voice and video calls, share wireless presentations and control the overall experience directly from their BYO device of choice.

“ZiipRoom was purpose-built to address the market need for simplicity in the huddle room and ensure that all meetings are as efficient and productive as possible,” said Martin Bodley, CEO, ZiipRoom. “Our relationships with Starin and Fontel, Inc. will allow us to expand our reach to ensure we are able to share our innovation with enterprises across the region. This is an exciting milestone that opens the door for the next chapter of fulfilling the ZiipRoom vision.”

“There’s warfare in the workplace, between hierarchies and networks. How do these views meet? The span of generations from Boomers, GenX, Millennials and GenZ need to come together under a cohesive culture, merging the benefits each has in experience and energy,” said Bill Mullen, CEO, Starin. “ZiipRoom allows any Unified Communications voice or video platform to be utilized from a single software app for the diverse culture. It’s inclusive, and it’s easy. It will satisfy the CIO and the CEO. It’s every room as any UC platform. It is the next-gen utility the channel can add value to.”

“From our first ZiipRoom experience, we knew right away that they had addressed very tangible and long-fought pain points for enterprise customers who want to get the most out of their collaboration environments,” said Mike Walsh, CEO, DGI Communications. “We are thrilled to now be one of their first resellers and have the opportunity to address these critical needs for our customers.”

For more information about how ZiipRoom can bring unprecedented simplicity to the enterprise huddle room, please go to ZiipRoom.com and register for a Free Trial.

About Starin:
Starin generates demand for and delivers audio, video, multimedia, lighting and communication solutions via added-value measures of channel management, brand development & promotion, training, application assistance, implementation support, sales incentives and procurement programs. Starin’s mission is this: To make communication easier.

About Fontel:
Fontel, Inc. based in Aurora, Nebraska is a specialty wholesale distributor of voice, video, and data communication products, specializing in peripheral end-point devices. Fontel, Inc. is committed to offering a high quality, yet competitively priced, portfolio of voice, video, and data products to dealers, resellers, and installers of voice, video, and data communication systems. Fontel’s staff provides exceptional service and support, allowing customers to offer efficient and timely service to their end-user accounts.


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