Zoom Launches Docs and AI for Whiteboarding at Zoomtopia

Zoom Docs users will be able to populate documents with content from Zoom Meetings while an AI Companion will help generate ideas for digital whiteboards.

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Zoom has kicked off its Zoomtopia annual event, unveiling new platform innovations underpinned by powerful AI capabilities to help streamline the workday through effective communication and collaboration tools.

Zoom’s new breakthrough product, Zoom Docs, is designed to be a next-gen way of collaborating, built from the ground up with AI at its core. Zoom Docs is a flexible, modular workspace that tightly integrates with Zoom and third-party apps, making it easy for teams and individuals to create, collaborate, manage projects, and stay organised.

Zoom Docs includes traditional document capabilities, as well as wikis and drag-and-drop content blocks for tables, charts, and images. Zoom Docs users can also leverage its AI-powered functionality to populate docs with content from Zoom Meetings to inform and jumpstart creation, generate content with Zoom AI Companion, summarises content quickly, easily search documents, and more. Zoom Docs is scheduled to be generally available in 2024.

A recently announced Zoom AI Companion, the company’s generative AI digital assistant, debuted a new Whiteboard capability and is expanding to new industry customers with the introduction of Meeting and Team Chat summarisation capabilities to Zoom higher education and healthcare customers. And, unlike other similar offerings that cost $30 or more per user per month, AI Companion is included at no additional cost for paid users on eligible accounts.

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