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Telehealth is rapidly expanding. The US telehealth market is expected to grow to nearly $2 billion over the next five years due to the impending doctor shortage and the requirements of the Affordable Care Act. Telehealth allows doctors and other providers to monitor patients remotely via various devices, computers, digital technology.

What are some of the benefits of telehealth? According to Roeen Roashan, IHS analyst for consumer medical devices and digital health, “Telehealth is about increasing the quality of healthcare, in an efficient way. Telehealth is proven to decrease readmission rates significantly, while increasing the patient’s perception of quality by keeping the patient at home.”

Did you notice over your past few doctor’s visits that many doctors have switched entirely from taking notes in manila folders to typing all their notes directly into a computer in the exam room? Have you received your test results and appointment reminders via your medical network’s secure email system? If so, then you have already experienced the telehealth revolution sweeping through the healthcare system, changing the patient experience forever. Around the world, doctors, patients, and families are joining together using digital health technology. Let’s look at how Zoom video plays a part in all this.

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