Zoom’s New CIO Brings in Big-Business Perspective

While serving as CIO for major firms like KPMG and Blackstone, Harry D. Moseley treated the role as if he were CEO of technology business.

Story by Stephanie Condon, ZDNet

Last week, Zoom announced Harry D. Moseley as its new CIO. After tenures as CIO at major firms like KPMG and Blackstone, Moseley brings unique insight to the cloud video conferencing startup.

Moseley told ZDNet that in those experiences, he treated the role of CIO as if he were running a technology company — with a monopoly on the client base, so to speak.

“If you think of my most recent experience at KPMG, with 35,000 professionals, I had a monopoloy over supporting them,” Moseley said to ZDNet. “You’ve got 60 percent who are out there working with clients every day — how do they work, and how do they collaborate?”

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