InfoComm Winner: AGT – “Sitting in the Catbird Seat”


Blog Picture of IMCCA PanelAGT Speaking on the IMCCA Panel on “The Merger of A/V and IT”

Walking over to the AGT booth to chat with Mark Cray and Melissa Hudson was like walking into the calm center of the storm. This industry is in turmoil, how can they look so happy and relaxed? Simple answer, because everything has gone according to plan and AGT exactly where it wanted to be at this time. AGT has been around a while, and had to adjust in the last few years to the new trends of the industry just like everyone else. Like other industry players, they focused on the rebuilding the three pillars of providing video service (integration, managed services, and cloud) to meet the needs of today’s customers. But here is where they differ from the other vendors at InfoComm. They actually had everything in place last year and now they can provide full focus on customer relations.

They aren’t talking about pending features, or how things will be once they get it right. They are already there and ready to share some success stories. They privately told me the names of some of their newest customers, while I can’t print them here, I can tell you that these are big name “Wow” customers. If you see the AGT team, just go ahead and congratulate them.

Also, be sure to check out the AGT CEO perspective of InfoComm at Mark Cray’s blog entry.

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